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Intercom Holding Group of Companies participates in State Program of Housing and Communal Service Facilities (HCSF) reforms. In January 2004 the company experts completed analysis of selecting perspective projects in this sphere at different Russian Administrative Regions

I. Within 14-16 January 2004 period the experts inspected series of HCSF units at Kaluga region. The units of Dzerjinskiy district, Kaluga and Kondrovo cities are some of them. The inspection aims to form a list of investment offers for modernization of: boiler-houses, heat supply networks, water supply and drainage systems and other units of HCSF. The work has resulted in selection of projects for development and modernization of Kaluga region communal infrastructure units. The projects concern construction of boiler-houses and heat networks and reconstruction of sewage disposal plants. New boiler-houses output will amount to 5 8 gigacalories per hour. There have been chosen two heat supply projects in Kaluga and five in Kondorovo and Dzerjinskiy district. Total volume of investments into coordinated projects is estimated at 3,2 millions USD (95 millions roubles). Some of that projects are at the stage of coordination, the most important of them are: wastes processing plant construction at Dzerjinskiy district, sewage disposal systems reconstruction at Piatovskiy settlement of Dzerjinskiy district. Its necessary to mark that Intercom Holding Group of Companies pays special attention for environmental safety and invests into effective ecological projects.

Later on, selective work of other investment projects selection will be continued, as far as the Program of HCSF reforms will be accomplished at Kaluga region. That will increase considerably the company investments into communal infrastructure of the region.

During Forum of Investors on 18 February 2004, which will take place at Kaluga, Intercom Holding Group of Companies and Kaluga region Government plan to sign an Agreement on cooperation in HCSF projects and Contract for consulting service.

II. The experts work at Stavropol region (from 20 to 27 January 2004) resulted in selection of 14 perspective investment projects, which are issue of negotiations now.

Some projects are connected with construction of fresh heat and power production units. Among them there have been selected 3 projects of gas turbine power plants construction at Stavropol city and one of a similar nature at Budennovsk. Aggregate output of projectible generators amounts to 85 megawatt per hour. Negotiations on the Company participation in modernization of hard domestic waste processing plant are in progress. It is planned to build up power generators, which will utilize thermal energy released during waste processing process. This project is very important for Caucasian Mineral Waters region.

Considerable package of modernization programs relates to heat supply enterprise of the region, which takes up considerable part of the market. That projects focus on reconstruction of engineering process of production and transportation of heat energy of the enterprise. List of actions includes the following programs: replacement of burners, replacement of natural-gas-meters, replacement of cast-iron boiling units by steel hot-water boilers, application of new water purification technology, automation and production control of heat supply units.

Construction project of factory for production of heat supply pipes with durability of up to 50 years is under consideration. This technology, which is based upon high-quality inventions of ex-armament industry, is in its commercialization stage.

One of the projects includes automation of electric power calculation and control system, which can benefit from more accurate calculation of electricity consumption.

Aggregate investments relatad to Stavropol region projects are estimated at more than 25 millions USD (750 millions roubles).

III. The construction of 2 boiler-houses with gross output of 35 gigacalories per hour in the city of Krasnogorsk (Moscow region), which is crucial for city life support, will be under consideration. At present, necessary information gathering, cost-effectiveness calculation and estimation of the boiler-houses engineering data are in progress.

IV. Intercom Holding Group of Companies experts will continue to examine problems of HCSF development and modernization in February 2004. This work will be carried out at the following Russian regions:

- Moscow region

- Penza region

- Udmurt Republic

In the course of work the experts plan to select perspective projects related to HCSF sphere and to form investment packages for each region of Russia.

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