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In its multifaceted activity, Intercom Holding Group of Companies regards the sphere of Fuel and Energy Complex as the priority line of development.

The branch company of Intercom Holding - Saratov NedraLtd. has the license for hydrocarbons deposits exploration and evaluation at the areas in the south of Saratov Region at the border with Kazakhstan, which amount to 1200 km2. In the north of the license area there have been carried out seismic prospecting operations with a volume of 570 linear km of profiles. These profiles, in aggregate with the reprocessed profiles and wells data of the previous years enable to select and prepare structures within oil-and-gas-bearing complexes (at a depth of up to 6500 meters) for prospect drilling. The most large hydrocarbons deposits, amount to the dozens of millions tons of equivalent fuel, are expected at Undersaline Permian-Carboniferous and Devonian sediments.

Saratov Nedra Ltd. proceeds to prospecting works in the III quarter of the 2004 year. And it demand, correspondingly, capital formation with a volume of 14 millions USD at the initial stage.

Timan-Pechora oil-and-gas-bearing province is the region of Holdings priority interest. At this region, within the limits of Yuzhno-Zverinetskiy and Zverinetskiy areas (total space - 3000 square km) Holdings branch company KomioilLtd has 3 licenses for geological study, which aimed at exploration and evaluation of hydrocarbon fields. These areas are situated at Pechora-Kolvin oil-and-gas-bearing region and contiguous to gigantic Usinskoye oil deposit and to oil deposits of Pechora-Kozhvinskiy Megaval. 1590 linear km of seismic profiles have been made at the areas, several structures within Trias-Devonian sediments have been prepared to deep-hole drilling (at a depth of up to 5500 meters). According to the complex of geological-geophysical data, we expect to discover more than 20 oil deposits within the limits of Yuzhno-Zverinetskiy and Zverinetskiy areas, with recoverable reserves of up to 50 millions tons.

By the end of 2004 year we plan to discover 2 deposits at Yuzhno-Zverinetskaya and Lekjuskaya structures, and it will demand amount of financing of 4 millions USD.

The exploration stage of the license areas development is calculated up to the 2008 year and demands investments of 100 millions USD.

Intercom Holding foresees the prospects for the development at Timan-Pechora province, through the participation in licensing competitions for new areas of undisposed subsurface fund, and through the purchase of deposits at auctions at Komi Republic and Nenets Autonomous Region.

On analysis of the data, the geological service of Intercom Holding propose to licensing little known, but definitely perspective geological areas. The licenses for these areas can be get from Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and regional authorities.

An aggregate of characteristics of every area is the basis, which let to suppose the availability of hydrocarbons, which will be converted, after exploratory prospecting operations, into hydrocarbon deposits and the recoverable reserves of each one can exceed 10 millions tons.

In the south of Russian Federation the attention of Intercom Holding is attracted by Dagestan Republic with its oil-bearing areas, prepared for exploration, which are still in the undisposed subsurface fund.

The matter of potential strategic partners and investors for the projects in the sphere of Fuel and Energy Complex becomes especially urgent in the further activity of Intercom Holding Group of Companies.

We believe, that such a cooperation will develop into foundation of a new juridical persons, which would be the operators of the projects.

CJSC Intercom Holding, KomioilLtd., Komi Republic, Zverinetskiy-2 license area. Anticlinal and reef structures on a fragment of time section of 10991-13 profile.

General tectonic scheme of Yeruslanskiy license area. Scale 1:500 000.

Kosju-Rogovsky Depression. Peculiarities of representation of Devonian reef and Ordovician saliferous sediments on a time section.

Oil and Gas structures in the north-east of Timan-Pechora province.

CJSC Intercom Holding, Saratov NedraLtd, Saratov Region, Yeruslanskiy license area. Fragment of Yuzhno-Krasnokhutskaya structures time section.

CJSC Intercom Holding, Saratov NedraLtd, Saratov Region. Yeruslanskiy license area. Zapadno-Yamskoy Oversaline structure on a fragment of time section.

Verkhnedolminskaya. CJSC Intercom Holding, KomioilLtd., Komi Republic. Zverinetskiy-1 license area. Anticlinal and reef structures in Paleozoic sediments.

CJSC Intercom Holding, KomioilLtd., Komi Republic. License areas: Yuzhno-Zverinetskiy, Zverinetskiy-1, Zverinetskiy-2.

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