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JSC Saratov-Nedra, being part of the Intercom Holding Group of Companies, drilled the exploration well No.1 Zapadno-Yamskaya at the Eruslansky lease as per results of the seismic and exploration works fulfilled by JSC Saratovneftegeofisica.

The drilling company JSC Geo Trust Service, which fulfills drilling works in the Saratov region, was a Contractor, who performed drilling of the well No.1 Zapadno-Yamskaya.

The affiliate Saratov Geophysical Expedition of FSUE Nizhne-Volzhsky Research Institute of Geology and Geophysics fulfilled a complex of geophysical researches required as per the contract. Also, the FSUE Nizhne-Volzhsky Research Institute of Geology and Geophysics carried out complex researches (sedimentology, geochemistry, petrophysics) of core in the well No.1 Zapadno-Yamskaya.

As a result of an unjustified delay of works of geologic well researches it turned out to be impossible to unambiguously define saturation and sedimentation characteristics and carry out efficient testing in the open shaft. Therefore, the specialists of the Geologic Production Department of JSC Volgogradneftegeophisica additionally monitored cementation of the well and performed the pulsed neutron logging. They also re-interpreted GWR curvatures, which permitted the more precise marking of perforation intervals with the porosity factor of about 20% and over:

  1. Sandstone in the chalk deposit bottom within the interval from 715 to 724 m

  2. Probably carbonate deposits within the interval from 1080 to 1084 m.

For perforation of two perspective sites, advised after the geophysical well researches performed, we made a contract with the organization department TNG-AlGIS Ltd of JSC Tatneftegeophisica.

The final tests and researches of the well and reservoir fluids in the well No.1 Zapadno-Yamskaya will be carried out by Lukoil-VolgogradNIPImorneft Ltd.

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