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Group of Companies Intercom Holding was founded in 1992 for participation in the commercial projects of oil-and-gas and industrial companies of Russia, Europe and Asia.

From the year of 1995 Intercom Holding Group of Companies has been specializing in direct supplies of pipes of oil-and-gas assortment, metal production, oil products, oil-and-gas field equipment, and has been carrying out operations stipulated in the licenses for development of oil and gas deposits in Saratov Region, Komi Republic, West Siberia and Nenets Autonomous Region. The special sector of our activity is materials and machinery supplies for the serious partners of the Holding, oil-and gas companies of Russia, Europe, America and Asia are among them.

Due to the reputation of a reliable and honest partner, Intercom Holding Group of Companies has taken part in serious state programs, such as the construction of Gas Pipelines - Russia-Turkey Blue Stream (sea variant).

From beginning of 2000, on the basis of close business connections with manufacturers and well-organized models of financing, Intercom Holding Group of Companies takes active part in supplies of production for independent oil and gas producers, for enterprises of RAO UES, Russian Railroads, for enterprises of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and other countries of Europe.

To widen the possibilities for cooperation, Holding founded the representative offices within a period of 2000-2002: in Great Britain, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and in the regions of Russian Federation: Komi Republic, Dagestan, Saratov, Stavropol, Nenets Autonomous Region. In the nearest future our Company plans to found the representative offices at oil-and-gas regions of Asia and Africa.

The incorporated enterprises have to pass through the annual audit, for the purpose of increase the Company activities transparency. In its financial policy, the Company is taking into account individual approach to every partner and integrated solutions of the corresponding issues. Intercom Holding Group of Companies cooperates with the leading enterprises of Russia and foreign countries on the acceptable for both sides terms of payment.

Intercom Holding Group of Companies actively cooperates with the leading Russian and European banks: Sberbank, Impeksbank, Bank of Moscow, Rosbank, RosEurobank, Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, AKA Export Finance Bank, BNP Paribas, Natexis, EFG Private Bank.

Holding issued the company promissory notes. Furthermore, Holding intensively works with the promissory notes of industrial companies. Such an activity let the Holdings partners get an extra profit.

Intercom Holding Group of Companies always develop and perfect activity of provision oil-and-gas companies and industrial enterprises with materials and machinery. Holding regards acquisition and development of oil-and-gas deposits in Russia, real estate business in Moscow as the priorities of the Company activity.

According to the approved program of long-term development, Intercom Holding concentrates on expansion of market for production and on improvement of the personnel workmanship.

Holdings skilled specialists are open for business offers and ready to assist in perspective projects realization.

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