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Oil recovery and realization are some of basic activities of Intercom Holding Group of Companies. Holding owns oil deposits at Saratov Region, Komi Republic and Dagestan.

The years of the successful businessallowed Intercom Holding Group of Companies to set new serious tasks. The priority activities are: investment projects of Oil and Gas deposits purchase and exploitation, construction of own oil-and-gas infrastructure.

At present the matter of purchase of control packet of shares of perspective Oil-and-Gas Company, having 9 subsurface user licenses for the period till 2014 year with right for search, prospecting and extraction of hydrocarbon raw materials, is being decided.

Among the balance assets of this Company there are 8 oil fields and 3 condensed gas deposits. The total oil reserves amount to more than 33 millions tons, gas stocks - about 10 billions m3. Fields and deposits are located in the region, having well-developed oil and gas recovery infrastructure. There is a real possibility of expansion of oil-bearing areas due to licensing of the adjoining areas. The purchase of the mentioned Oil-and-Gas Company shares in aggregate with obtaining licenses for geological study and hydrocarbons explorations at the adjoining areas will allow to set up an attractive raw materials base and resource base, and to raise the level of oil production up to 800-1000 thousands tons per year. Up today the annual volume of oil production is equal about 100 thousands tons.

The balance assets of this Company include the following enterprises:

- Geophysical trust with computer center;

- The enterprises, drilling for oil;

- Refinery plants;

- Group of geophysical study in wells;

- Geophysical and gydrological expeditions on extraction, collection and realization of oil (total number of more than 1500 highly-skilled specialists);

- Tankage of 40 ships with own repair-operational division.

For purchase of the Oil-and-Gas Company and developing of oil recovery Group of Companies Intercom Holding should invest about 200 millions USD within 2 years.

Please, send your propositions for cooperation.

The contact personis Mrs. Olga Eroshenkova: 007 095 933 75 02, ext.116

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