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Komioil Ltd. invites to bid on


for exploration and design works for motor road construction from

Pechora (settlement Kozhva) Akhis road to well 1 Yuzhno-Zverinetskaya

at Usinskiy district of Komi Republic.


for engeneering design development

1. Name of the project

Motor road from Pechora-Akhis road to well 1 Yuzno-Zverinetskaya

2. Reason for projection

Komioil Ltd demand

3. Designing phase

Working drawing

4. Administrative location of the project

Komi Republic, Usinskiy district

5. Type of the construction, projects purpose

New construction, all-the-year-round motor road

6. Customer of the design

KomioilLtd, Syktyvkar city

7. General designing organization


8. Basic data of the planning project:

8.1 Main road category

III-v according to the SNiP 2.05.07-91

8.2 Access roads category

IV-k with passing-tracks (to the sand-pits)

8.3 Starting point

Join to the Pechora (set.Kozhva) Ust-Usa Usinsk road for general use (join point PK-0 should be determined with investigations)

8.4 Terminal point

The site of well 1 Yuzhno-Zverinetskaya (position data: in latitude 655006 North; in longitude 561147 East)

8.5 Main road length

22 km (specify with investigations)

8.6 Type of pavement

Inferior PGS paving

8.7 Type of man-made works

Metal tubing

8.8 Road maintenance and motor transport service constructions and installations

Not provided

9. Source of finance

KomioilLtd investments

10. Estimated cost including construction and erection works

Should be determined with the design

11. The year of commencement and termination of the construction works


12. Marking out of the commissioning complexes, phases

Documentation should be issued in one commissioning complex, consisted of 4 stages

13. Execution of engineering surveying

Necessary with the search for sand and sand-gravel fields

14. The necessity to study variants of:

- the road routing

Should be determined during investigation

- design decisions

Should be determined during designing

15. Initial data and documentation for design works

The designing organization will be supplied during the course of works

16. The stages and amount of design works:

- to make up a working drawings of the road;

- to make up working drawings for fields (pits) development with access roads;

- the plans for lands allocation and reclamation;

- projects and local estimate;

- evaluation of projects environment impact (OVOS);

- to submit working drawings to the approval of regional and republic authorities, to get certificates;

- state ecological expertise of working drawings;

- legalization of lands conversion from forest resources to non-forest resources (plans for lands allocation);

- to get approvals and certificates for lands conversion to non-forest resources;

- demarcation for land tenure for motor road.

17. Additional clauses

To include the site of Yuzhno-Zverinetskaya well 1 into the plan for lands allocation

18. General Contractor

Should be determined by the customer

19. Construction procedure, method

All-the-year-round, by rotation (Vakhteniy Method) in two shifts

20. Location of the base

The city of Usinsk, the city of Pechora

Please, inform us about your consent to tender

General Director of Komioil Ltd

Elmar A.Akhmedov

Our address: 109012, Nikolskaya Str., h. 17, bld. 1, Moscow, Russia.

Ph/fax +7(095) 933-75-02 (cellular)


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