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Tubes & Pipes
Oil products

Group of companies "INTERCOM CORPORATION" constantly modernizing and developing its work on supply oil-and-gas companies and industrial enterprises with material and technical resources, viz. a wide range of pipes, metal and steel products, special technique, various equipment for gas and oil companies, rail ways, agriculture and medicine as well.
In 2003-2004 "INTERCOM CORPORATION" plans to take new and productive steps in its further development.

Owing to established intellectual and financial potential, in 2003-2004 the main trends of development of the company will be as follows:

  • Significant increase in the volume of supplies of material and technical recourses for investment and capital construction's needs;
  • Establishing its own production base for oil and gas production with further supply with necessary products;
  • Further increase and step-by-step redemption of control block of shares from factory-manufactures;
  • Foundation of the bank for the purpose of more profitable and operating management with financial flow.

Taking into consideration an existing trend in development of leading Russian and World companies, the initial target of group of companies "INTERCOM CORPORATION" in 2003-2004 is to be practical realization of the above listed strategic business plans.

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